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Can you name the RSS Operator by their description?

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SAS Member, Uses EMP charges
SAS Member, Has a hammer
SAS Member, Has an electronics jammer
SAS Member, Has remote gas grenades
FBI SWAT Member, Has remote breach charges
FBI SWAT Member, Has brimstone charges
FBI SWAT Member, Has heartbeat detector
FBI SWAT Member, Has metal door barricades
GIGN Member, Has shock drone
GIGN Member, Has extendable shield
GIGN Member, Has deployable body armor
GIGN Member, Has health charges
GSG9 Member, Has electronics detector
GSG9 Member, Has flash shield
GSG9 Member, Has electric packs
GSG9 Member, Has projectile blockers
Spetsnaz Member, Has cluster grenades
Spetsnaz Member, Has flip sight scope
Spetsnaz Member, Has tripwire eplosives
Spetsnaz Member, Has deployable turret
JTF2 Member, Has sniper rifle
JTF2 Member, Has welcome mats
Navy Seals Member, Has mounted shield
Navy Seals Member, Has deployable cameras
BOPE Member, Has multi-ammo crossbow
BOPE Member, Can interrogate downed opponents
SAT Member, Has remote explosive charges
SAT Member, Has shockwave drone
GEO Member, Can track people's movements
GEO Member, Has deployable one-way glass

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