Entertainment Quiz / DC vs. Marvel: Who Came First? Part 3

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Can you name which comic book character was published first?

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QuestionAnswerPublication Dates
Superman or Hyperion?
General Wade Eiling or General Thunderbolt Ross?
Two Face or Jigsaw?
Daily Planet or Daily Bugle?
Vigilante or Two Gun Kid?
Weather Wizard or Storm?
Bronze Tiger or Black Panther?
The League of Assassins or The Hand?
KGBeast or Omega Red?
Intergang or Maggia?
Ocean Master or Attuma?
Mr. Miracle or Longshot?
Catman or Kraven?
Count Vertigo or Vertigo?
QuestionAnswerPublication Dates
Heat Wave or Pyro?
Blockbuster or Mr. Hyde?
Timberwolf or Wolverine?
Tobias Whale or Kingpin?
Power Girl or Ms. Marvel?
Andrew Bennett or Blade?
Ferro Lad or Colossus?
Suicide Squad or Thunderbolts?
Saturn Girl or Marvel Girl?
Argent or Cerise?
Trigon or Dormammu?
Mad Hatter or Ringmaster?
Top or Whirlwind?

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