Entertainment Quiz / DC vs. Marvel: Who Came First? Part 2

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Can you name which comic book character was published first?

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QuestionAnswerPublication Dates
Justice League or Avengers?
Mr. Freeze or Blizzard (Jack Frost)?
Solomon Grundy or Hulk?
Mogo or Ego?
Black Canary or Mockingbird?
Zatanna or Scarlet Witch?
Amazo or Super Skrull?
Alfred Pennyworth or Edwin Jarvis?
Perry White or J. Jonah Jameson?
Penguin or Owl?
Cyborg or Deathlok?
Cheetah (Barbara Minerva) or Tigra?
Captain Boomerang or Boomerang?
Lady Shiva or Elektra?
QuestionAnswerPublication Dates
Green Lantern Corps or Nova Corps?
Abra Kadabra or Mysterio?
Geo Force or Avalanche?
Hector Hammond or MODOK?
Brainiac or Ultron?
Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) or Spider-Man?
Mr. Mxyzptlk or Impossible Man?
Rogues or Sinister Six?
Shining Knight or Black Knight?
Shazam (Billy Batson) or Thor (Donald Blake)?
Batman Beyond or Spider-Man 2099?
Doom Patrol or X-Men?
Rocket Red or Crimson Dynamo?
Bane or Crossbones?

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