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Can you name which comic book character was published first?

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QuestionAnswerPublication Dates
Phantom Girl or Shadowcat?
Atom (Ray Palmer) or Ant Man?
Red Tornado or Vision (Victor Shade)?
Dr. Polaris or Magneto?
Green Arrow or Hawkeye?
Deathstroke or Deadpool?
Dr. Fate or Dr. Strange?
Imperiex or Galactus?
Bumble Bee or Wasp?
Clayface (Matt Hagen) or Sandman?
Swamp Thing or Man Thing?
Aquaman or Namor?
Hawkman or Angel?
The Flash or Quicksilver?
QuestionAnswerPublication Dates
Robin or Bucky?
Darkseid or Thanos?
Man Bat or Lizard?
Amazing Man or Absorbing Man?
Deadshot or Bullseye?
Fire or The Human Torch (Johnny Storm)?
The Chief or Professor X?
Elongated Man or Mr. Fantastic?
Guardian or Captain America?
Catwoman or Black Cat?
Atomic Skull (Joseph Martin) or Ghost Rider?
Red Hood (Jason Todd) or Winter Soldier?
Green Lantern or Quasar?
Black Lightning or Electro?

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