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Common NameFamily NameCharacters
 Narrow wings, two antenodal veins
 Broad wings, often colored, many crosses
 anal loop
 no loop
 discontinuous eye
 basal tarsal seg shorter than third
 no wings
 wings, 4 seg tarsi, 2nd dilated
 long, thin stick like
 Large, cigar like, striped
 Saltatorial legs, short ovipositor
 large pronotum, length of abdomen
 large, short wings, hing wing red w/ black
 wings roof like over back, hind femora beyond abdomen
 Wings flat over back, hind tibia with spines
 broad front legs, long ovipositor
 Elongated pronotum, longer than wide
 Large, dark colored
 small, light colored
 mandibles w/o marginal teeth
 two spine like projections on tergum
 elongate oval, hard and smooth
 body covers w/ mealy or waxy secretions
Common NameFamily NameCharacters
 Opaque wings covered in a waxy powder
 large, clear wings
 enlarged pronotum, extending up and back over abdomen
 hind tibiae w/ one or two spines laterally, w/ small crown of spines at apex
 one or more rows of small spines along hind tibiae
 front tarsi one segmented, dark dorsal
 front tarsi two segmented, light dorsal
 1-3 inches in length, raptorial front legs
 projected eyes
 stilt like legs, 2 segmented
 dorsal-vent flattened, absent wings
 elongate head, transverse suture between eyes dorsally
 less than 5mm, dorsal surface elaboratly sculpted
 vary in shape and size, two cells in membrane
 Hemelytron with 4-5 veins
 hind tibiae expanded and leaf like
 head nearly as wide as pronotum
 shield shape, 5 seg antennae, triangular scutellum
 small head deep in prothorax
 scutellum large and extends to apex of abdomen
 green, coastal cross veins not branched
 brown, cross veins branched
 front legs raptorial, arise from anterior of prothorax
 like damselflies but longer, clubbed antennae

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