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What nickname was given to the group of young players developed by Sir Matt Busby in the 1950's?
What year did a number of these players die in the disaster known as 'The Munich Air Disaster'?
Which city was the team travelling back from?
Who did the team play in their first game after the disaster?
Who scored two of the goals in a 3-0 win in this game?
Which survivor of the disaster would go on the become the teams all time leading goalscorer?
Which legendary forward did the team sign for £115,000 in 1962?
Which team did they sign him from?
Who did the team beat to win the 1963 FA Cup?
Which Irish player was signed in 1962 who would go on to become one the greatest players of all time?
Which team did he score 6 times against in one match?
What year did the team win their first European Cup?
Which team did they beat at Wembley?
By what name are the trio of Bobby Charlton, Denis Law and George Best known?
Who became the new manager following Sir Matt Busby's retirement in 1969?
How many Manchester United goals had Bobby Charlton scored following his retirement in 1973?
Which club did George Best join after leaving the club in 1974?
In which country were that team based?
How many caps did George Best win for his country?
Who was the teams manager when the team were relegated in 1974?
The team would return to glory in 1977 by winning the FA Cup, which team did they beat?
Who would replace Tommy Docherty after the cup win?
Who replaced Dave Sexton as manager in 1981?
Who did he sign who would go on the become one of the greats in club history?
Which club was he signed from?
Who became the teams youngest player to score in an FA Cup final in 1985?
Which player became to first player to be sent off in an FA Cup final?
Ron Atkinson would be replaced in November 1986 by which Scottish manager?
Which club did he come from?
Ferguson lost his first game in charge 2-0, who beat them?
Who did the team beat in the semi-final of the League Cup in 1990?
Who scored the winning goal in a 1-0 win?
Which legend made his debut under Alex Ferguson in a 2-0 defeat to Everton in 1990?
Who did United beat to win the European Cup Winners Cup in 1991, their first European trophy since 1968?
Which legend signed for the club in 1991 from Danish club Brondby?
Which legend did the club buy during the 1992-93 season for £1.2 million?
Which club was he signed from?
At the end of that season the team would win their first league title in how many years?
Which future captain was signed the following season for a then British recored transfer fee of £3.75 million?
Which club was he signed from?
Against which team was Eric Cantona sent off against for kung fu kicking a supporter?
Who would the club pay £7 million for that same season?
From which club was he signed from?
Which player went to Newcastle United as part of the deal?
What nickname was given to the group of young players the manager brought through the youth system at the start of the 1995/96 season?
Which former Liverpool player famously said ''You can't win anything with kids'' regarding the teams number of young players?
Which manager and former Liverpool great did the manager engage in a feud with during the season?
Who did the team sign to replace Eric Cantona following the Frenchmans retirement in 1997?
Who was he signed from?
Who beat United to the title during this season following a 1-0 at Old Trafford?
Who scored Arsenal's winning goal in that game?
Who became the teams assistant manager in 1998 following the departure of Brian Kidd?
Which striker signed for the club for £12.6 million that season?
Which club was he signed from?
Which player scored one of the greatest FA Cup goals in the semi final?
Against which team would he score that goal?
The team would go on to add their first Champions League triumph since 1968 this season by beating which other European giant in the final?
Which legend would score the winning goal in stoppage time?
Which player left the club after 8 years at the start of the 1999/00 season?
Which Australian goalkeeper was bought as a replacement?
Who did the club sign for a club record £28.1 million in 2001?
Which club was he signed from?
Who replaced Steve McClaren as assistant manager in 2002?
Which club legend was signed following an impressive World Cup campaign in 2002?
Which club was he signed from?
Which club legend was sold to Real Madrid in the summer of 2003?
Which portuguese starlet was signed as a replacement for £12.26 million?
Who did the team beat in the FA Cup final in 2004 to win a record 11th title?
Who did the club sign in 2004 for £27 million, a then record for a teenager?
From which club was he signed from?
Who was signed in 2006 as a replacement for former captain Roy Keane?
United lost the first FA Cup at the newly built Wembley against which team?
Who scored the winning goal in that game?
United would go on to win their second Champions League title in the Ferguson era in 2008 by beating which team?
Which city hosted the final that year?
United reached the Champions League final in both 2009 & 2011, which team beat them on both occasions?
Which fan favourite would controversially sign for cross city neighbours Manchester City in 2009?
Which team did United sign English defender Phil Jones from?
In May 2012, United lost the league on the final game of the season to rival Manchester City, who scored the last second goal to secure that title?
Who did United sign the following season to help regain the league title?
Which club did he sign from?
Sir Alex Ferguson retired after 26 years in May 2013, who was selected to replace him?
Which club did he arrive from?
The new manager got off to a winning start in the league with a 4-1 win, who did they beat?
Which former Everton player did David Moyes bring with him from Everton?
Which team knocked United out of the Champions League at the quarter final stage that season?
Following a defeat to his former club Everton in April 2014 and after only 10 months in charge the club sacked David Moyes, who replaced him for the last four games of the season?
Who was announced as the new manager in July 2014?
Which country had he guided to the semi finals of the 2014 World cup in Brazil?
Which player did he make united's most expensive ever player?
Which club was he signed from?
United returned to the Champions league after a one season absence, who did they beat in the qualifier?
Who beat United to knock them out in the group stage?
Which youth player emerged due to a number of injuries and went on to become a key part of the first team?
Louis van Gaal was fired after two seasons despite winning what trophy?
Which manager took over in July 2016?
Which rival club did he manage on two occasions?
Who did United make the worlds most expensive player in July 2016?
Which player did the club sign from German top division side Borussia Dortmund?
Which superstar player signed on a free transfer is the clubs top goalscorer this season?

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