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Forced Order
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Don't you look into my eyes and lie again, I'm sick of being alone
You're so dangerous, babe
Let's fly, touch the sky
Peaches and cream, sweeter than sweet
Don't touch it, we love it, she's dancing on the floor
Every day, every night, feel like a fool
Don't be like a prey
Before I lose my mind, before I'm lost in lies
I'm the motherf*cking top madam
We gon' party over here
We'll take it slow
Girl use me while you can, I'm all yours
It's my show time
Welcome to the monster plaza
Love is game
Get back up off that dream
My sweet heart don't hate me
Middle finger up F U pay me
Do it fast, do it slow You control the tempo
Deeper than the sea
I'm the female monster
Once again, what's the name of the game?
Let me see how you gon' treat me
Just like her I wanna be pretty
I can do this all night long baby
I got to say goodbye right now
All day all night baby 365
Can you hear my cry?
Maybe I'm that your diamond lost
Ma heartbeats like boom boom boom boom

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