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The boot shaped country! 'Dude, you know your country is shaped like a book [sic]?'
A communist country ran [sic] by a short and ugly dictator
The favorite country of Sporcle. Frequently listed as a bonus answer on geography-related quizzes.
We do't [sic] walk around wearing SARS masks and saying 'eh' all the time, or any of those other idiotic stereotypes posted!
A very brutal country. You can buy almost everything you can dream of from vending machines.
In 1994, finally overthrew its brutal white dictatorship. Only to have to replaced by a black dictatorship. Now run by [person who]...thinks eating beetroot can cure HIV
The country Hitler wasn't born in. He was born in Branau am Inn in Austria. I bet you didn't know.
1) Beautiful country full of rich culture and kind people. 2) Where my self serving, cheap skate in-laws keep their half million dollars to avoid paying U.S. taxes.
Not so helpful in the war; but nice chocolate.
Where everything in this living world is made - I may be American but 90% of me has the stamp Made In...
pretends to be democratic but obviously never understand what democracy is. it is not their fault they were all born under communism...know nothing more than killing & destroying
the world's largest, oldest, continuous civilization. Although modern images often show poverty and lack of development ... was the richest country on earth until invasion
Yes, many of us are ignorant, stupid, lazy, and racist. Much [sic] of the accusations are true. It is also a country of equality, where anybody can make something of themself.
The national occupations are drinking and sport, unsurprising given we're all descended from convicts.
A war-ravaged country whose name is mispronounced by almost all Americans, most notably George W. Bush.

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