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Can you name the countries that have a similar area/size to that of the following places?

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PlaceSimilarly Sized CountryArea/Surface Area of Place
Pluto (the dwarf planet)16,650,000 sq km
Roman Empire in 117 AD6,500,000 sq km
European Union4,324,782 sq km
Ceres (Solar System's largest asteroid)2,850,000 sq km
Western Australia2,645,615 sq km
Mediterranean Sea2,500,000 sq km
Greenland2,166,086 sq km
Alaska1,717,854 sq km
Gobi Desert1,295,000 sq km
Borneo743,330 sq km
PlaceSimilarly Sized CountryArea/Surface Area of Place
Caspian Sea371,000 sq km
British Isles (UK and Ireland)315,134 sq km
Caribbean Islands239,681 sq km
Greater Tokyo Metropolitan Area13,754 sq km
Iceberg B-15 (world's largest iceberg)11,000 sq km
Yellowstone National Park8,983 sq km
Flevopolder (largest man-made island)970 sq km
King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh780 sq km
Manhattan87.5 sq km
New South China Mall (largest mall)0.66 sq km

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