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Forced Order
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EXO-M's ex-leader and rapperDuizhang
The former lead vocal and lead dancer of EXO-MDeer
EXO-M's ex-maknae and rapperPanda
EXO's accurate debut dateA member and an ex member has birthdays on this month
Was known as EXO's mascotThis alpaca belonged to a former member
The oldest memberIt is not obvious that he is the oldest
EXO's legendary song that rose them to fameThose school uniforms though 😍😍😍
EXO's leaderRich Grandpa
EXO's main rapperHappy Virus and Yoda
One of EXO's shortest membersSatansoo and Penguin
EXO-K's Main VocalPuppy
Has legendary one-linersEvil Maknae
A main dancer for EXOHis ballet skills though
Another main dancerForgetful Unicorn, I'M CHINA SHEEP
Main VocalTroll King and Dinosaur
Tao's puppyBALL OF FLUFF
What year did EXO lose two members?a.k.a the year no one talks about
What do people call Chanyeol, Chen and Baekhyun?_ _ _ _ _ _ line
Who gave EXO-Ls the pet name 'aeri'?THAT SWEET PUPPY
What are the famous words that every aeri knows?A part of what EXO says when introducing themselves
What power does Suho have?W
What power does D.O. have?There are two possible answers for this.
What power does Chanyeol have?F
What power does Baekhyun have?That editing in Overdose though
What power does Kai have?T
What power does Sehun have?W
What power does Kris have?F
What power does Tao have?Used in Miracles in December music video
What power does Luhan have?T
What power does Lay have?H
What power does Chen have?Comes before thunder
What power does Xiumin have?F
What era was Tao's last?2015 comeback
What is Luhan allergic to?I've got no hints for this one
What is Lay's favorite color?No hints for this either
Which district is Suho from?¯\_(ツ)_/¯
ChogiwaaaaIf this ain't easy for you, I don't know what is
MARSHMALLOWWWWHe is LITERALLY a marshmallow himself
A song composed for fans during hard timesLay, Chanyeol and Chen made this song

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