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Can you name the famous people who wear bowties?

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HintCool person
Basketball coach who won 830 games at Mt. Saint Mary's
The Science Guy
Yogi Bear's companion
Columnist, TV commentator, and author of Men At Work
Agatha Christie detective
Actor whose character syas 'Bowties are cool'
WKRP newsman
First host of The Today Show
Host of You Bet Your Life
Bauhaus architect, designed Bauhaus school building in Germany.
Popcorn magnate
Kids TV & movie character played by Paul Reubens
HintCool person
Assistant to Montgomery Burns
WWII-era Prime Minister
San Francisco Giants ace
Mouse chased by Tom the cat
Invisible 6-foot rabbit
Host of CBS Sunday Morning
Leader of the Nation of Islam
Pink Hanna-Barbera mountain lion
Also wears a coat covered in question marks
Bloom County penguin
Supreme Court justice replaced by Elena Kagan

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