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Can you name some famous commanders in the US Civil War?

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He led the last charge for the Army of Northern VirginiaCSA
Hero of Little Round TopUSA
Made his last stand at Little BighornUSA
Led Army of the Shenandoah in 1861CSA
Earned his nickname at Bull RunCSA
Led the march to the seaUSA
Put sideburns in fashionUSA
Known to his soldiers as Little PowellCSA
Was said to have created the game of baseballUSA
'Created' Arlington CemeteryUSA
Led 1st Corps Army of Northen VirginiaCSA
Led bloody charge at GettysburgCSA
The youngest man on either side to be given command of an armyCSA
Acquitted of murder with the first use of temporary insanity as a legal defense in U.S. historyUSA
He's on the 50 Dollar BillUSA
Was winning general the battle of GettysburgUSA
1st commader of the union armyUSA
Commanded Army of Northern VirginiaCSA
Cavalry commander for the southCSA
Known to his men as 'Fighting Joe'USA

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