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QUIZ: Can you name the Sacred Stones Characters by their ending titles?

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_____, the Silver Knight
_____, Aloof Lanceman
_____, the Crimson Flash
_____, His Father's Son
_____, the Warrior Reborn
_____, Good-Natured Thief
_____, Rich 'Merchant'
_____. the Desert Tiger
_____, the Tearful Archer
_____, Sacred Healer
_____, Rose of the War
_____, Ardent Knight
_____, Saint of Light
_____, Restoration King
_____, Watcher of Darkness
_____, Enthusiastic Student
_____, Wise Counselor
_____, Obsidian General
_____, Queen of Light
_____ the Faithful
_____, the Great Dragon
Silent _____
_____, the Well of Wisdom
_____, King and Strategician
_____, Prodigy
_____, Restoration Queen
_____ of the Steady Axe
Graceful _____
_____, Dutiful Rider
_____, the Wild Knight
_____, Winged Queen
_____, the Tempest King
_____, Beloved Dancer

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