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Can you name the Fire Emblem: Awakening characters by their critical hit/skill activation quotes?

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'How 'bout this!'
'Here's how it's done!'
'Now you've angered me!'
'I'm gonna end you!'
'For Ylisse!'
'Ready to get gouged?'
'Okay, now I'm mad!'
'I will not fail!'
'Piece of cake'
'Step aside!'
'It's my big moment!'
'I say when it ends!'
'I've had enough!'
'Still clinging to hope?'
'I didn't want to do this!'
'The strong survive!'
'I will ruin you!'
'Beg for your life!'
'Here comes judgement!'
'Your last breath approaches.'
'Game over!'
'This ends here!'
'I'm gonna crush you!'
'Hope you're ready!'
'It's been lovely!'
'Shall I make you famous?'
'I am your omega!'
'Your demise is nigh!'
'Special delivery!'
'I bid you farewell!'
'You ready to fly?'
'Have you made your peace?'
'And so it ends.'
'You are so dead!'
'You're already dead...'
'This one might hurt!'
'Time to play!'
'To hell with you!'
'I'll make this quick.'
'Just you and me!'
'Stand up and fight!'
'This is gonna hurt!'
'This might get unpleasant!'
'Now to face maker!'
'I grow weary of you!'
'Brace yourself!'
'Time to die, pal!'
'Embrace your fate!'

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