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Can you name the Fire Emblem 8 characters by their quotes in the final chapter?

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Forced Order
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“Fighting’s all well and good, but where’s all the treasure?”
“Come on… You can’t be serious!”
“I’ll show you all what my magic can do.”
“We must be steel blades with which to pierce the enemy.”
“I’ll do what I can.”
“This may be my last battle. I’ll hold nothing back.”
“Watch with pride, Father! I’ll show you who’s the strongest!”
“Please, let everyone come through this unscathed…”
“Never stop fighting. Never…”
“So, what’s Lady Luck have in store for me today?”
“Don’t tense up! You’ll fight better if you’re relaxed.”
“There’s nothing to fear. I’ll protect everyone!”
“I’m starting to wonder if I really should be here…”
“That’s the king of all demons… What a ferocious sight he is.”
“Defeat the foe. Nothing else matters.”
“There must be something that I can do!”
“Gotta d-do my best. Here goes!”
“I, ________, strike in the name of righteousness, order, and Rausten!”
“Hm. I wonder if we can reenact the legend.”
“Bah… I am in NO way inferior to this so-called Demon King.”
“We’ve got to do what we can, right?”
“My blade will cut deep.”
“Let’s finish this.”
“…Prince Lyon.”
“That’s the heart of the darkness I’ve studied? It can’t be…”
“Is everybody ready? We’re going to win.”
“My only wish is to serve and protect the two of you…”
“We’re with you all the way, Prince Ephraim!”
“Gwah ha ha! Same goes for me!”
“Hm… Can my magic prevail?”
“Oh, that’s the Demon King, isn’t it? Yes, I’ve read all about him.”
“We can’t let our guard down.”
“I will show you honour and valour of the Frelian Pegasus Knights.”

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