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Can you name the Fire Emblem 7 characters by their quotes in the final chapter?

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Forced Order
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“Let this battle be forgotten by history… That is all I ask.”
“If I die here… so be it.”
“For years, I’ve studied. Now, let those studies show their worth!”
“For those whose reasoning is bent. I will straighten it with my bow.”
“I’ll do whatever I can to help!”
“What are you worried about? With me here, we can’t lose!”
“I’ll show you the strength of a knight of Pherae.”
“I… I…I’ll do my best!”
“For the honor of the knights of Ostia.”
“…Winning this battle means protecting my family.”
“I don’t want to lose anyone, so I will fight my strongest.”
“I’m trembling with anticipation!”
“Whooooooooooa! I’m burning up!”
“For the honor of the Pegasus knights of Ilia, I will annihilate the foe!”
“Everyone… Let’s go! We’ve got to stop Nergal!”
“Blessed Saint Elimine, grant us strength to win this with ease.”
“No matter what happens, I’ll be at Lord Pent’s side.”
“I’m ____, brave crewman of Fargus’s pirates, and I fear nothing!”
“I’ve lived long enough. I’ve no regrets…”
“Lord Elbert… I will protect your son.”
“It is for this moment that I have lived…”
“We’ve made it this far. Let’s get out there and win!”
“Let me handle this! There’s much I can do.”
“I won’t hold back! This is for all the lovely ladies I’ve yet to meet!!”
“My oh my… Fools aplenty. That includes me, too.”
“Hey! There’s no doubt we’ll win! Just don’t forget my bonus!”
“If he has power to rival Athos, then I must test that power myself.”
“Let me show you how much my blade has matured!”
“My pride shall not be broken! My strength holds true!”
“I will gladly volunteer to protect Lycia with my life.”
“For Bern, land of my birth… May I return to it soon!”
“Knights should fight, not speak! …Was that right?”
“Blessed Saint Elimine, please grant us a miracle…”
“This looks like fun! This is what I’ve been waiting for!!”
“…Father… Brothers… For all that I’ve lost… I won’t let him get away!”
“…I, too, will join you in this final glory.”
“Everyone… Here we go! Give it your all, and beat this knave!”
“As long as there’s someone to cut, you will have my aid.”

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