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Can you name the rock albums with their letters in 'alphabetical order'?

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'Alphabetical Order'AlbumDetails
aaaDdeimNnortyTwo words, Sonic Youth, 1988
AeeegiiLllMnoOrruvYFive words, Dinosaur Jr., 1987
CeKmOoprtuTwo words, Radiohead, 1997
aeforrRSsuTwo words, Pixies, 1988
aaacdddeEehlnnnnSttThree words, Pavement, 1992
deeimNnrvOne word, Nirvana, 1991
aAaaccdehiMnnnoorTttFour words, Modest Mouse, 2000
aeeehhJorsTTuThree words, U2, 1987
AadeIlnnOorsvyThree words, Neutral Milk Hotel, 1996
aaCcfiiilnnoortOnce word, red Hot Chili Peppers, 1999
'Alphabetical Order'AlbumDetails
aaDeeeimmrSsTwo words, The Smashing Pumpkins, 1993
AacCehiiilnnsThree words, Alice in Chains, 1995
eknnoprSuuwOne word, Soundgarden, 1994
deGlllMoowTwo words, Beck, 1994
aaDdehilnoprrSTwwThree words, Nine Inch Nails, 1994
adkooPrSTwo words, Primus, 1993
AaceeefhilmoooPprtttuFour words, R.E.M., 1992
agilotVyOne word, Pearl Jam, 1994
AaeeefiknorSsSsFour words, Spoon, 1998
AacdeiIimnortTwo words, Green Day, 2004

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