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Can you name the rock albums with their letters in 'alphabetical order'?

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'Alphabetical Order'AlbumDetails
AaaBceeimnrtuyTwo words, The Grateful Dead, 1970
aaCefHiillnoortTwo words, The Eagles, 1976
aacdeehHiMnTwo words, Deep Purple, 1972
cdeegHilnnopSTwo words, Lynyrd Skynyrd, 1974
AaLmnoWTwo words, The Doors, 1971
ABehinnorStUFour words, Bruce Springsteen, 1984
AcdeEeeeinoprruxYThree words, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, 1967
BBddeellnnnoooThree words, Bob Dylan, 1966
aeFgilNortTwo words, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, 1974
cegHimmnooOne word, America, 1972
'Alphabetical Order'AlbumDetails
aDdeeefhhikMnooorSTtSix words, Pink Floyd, 1973
BcdeeehikllMNnoorstFour words, Sex Pistols, 1977
aCdgiLllnnnooTwo words, The Clash, 1979
aacffGhiiilPrstyTwo words, Led Zeppelin, 1975
deefhlNoorstwWFour words, Queen, 1977
AaadDgHhiNrstyFour words, The Beatles, 1964
BdeeeILlttThree words, The Rolling Stones, 1969
AdeefGhhlorRsttuFour words, Neil Young, 1970
aadehinopQruOne word, The Who, 1973
AaaceimmnnorWTwo words, The Guess Who, 1969

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