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Can you finish this Psychic-Type word ladder by transitioning from one four-letter Psychic Pokemon to the other?

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Psychic-type Pokemon which evolves into Kadabra and later Alakazam
'Dancing Queen', 'Waterloo', and 'Take A Chance On Me' singers
First name of a forensic scientist on NCIS
Leader of the Gladers in 'The Maze Runner'
To make a pact to look out for each other
A way to shorten Oliver, like in MTV's 'The Sifl and ____ Show'
Greasy or slick to the touch
Type of flower that is typically given for Easter
A gentle, rhythmic beat
The handle of a sword
Surname of the Captain Raymond in 'Brooklyn 99'
Zeus famously throws lightning in the form of this
A match is to tennis as this is to boxing
A popular type of cologne OR an extra-dry champagne
Colloquial name for a citizen of England
A soft cheese with its origins in France
Last name of 'Panic! At The Disco' singer Brendon
Psychic-type Pokemon which, with Mesprit and Azelf, completes the Gen IV's Legendary Trio

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