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Can you finish this Poison-Type word ladder by transitioning from one five-letter Poison Pokemon to the other?

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Poison-type Pokemon which evolves into Rung 19 and has a secret message hidden in it backwards
Surname of Captain America's actor in 'The Avengers'
Opposite of odds
Words that follow 'never' in a popular Taylor Swift song
What one does when they confidently say that something is true
Another name for Uluru, '_____ Rock'
Those who change the color of cloth for a living
What one may call a million bucks, if not necessarily grammatically correct
A hip, cool way to shorten the word 'details'
South Beach, Atkins, and Paleo, to name a few
Little cavities in, say, a car door
What one does at an eating establishment
Small units of American currency worth ten cents a piece
Someone who bills you with hundreds of small charges may be called a 'nickel-and-_____'
A sniper, for example
A word one may make up to mean something is more brachial
A knight's best defense
Day where it is customary to appreciate and plant trees
Poison-type Pokemon which evolves from Rung 1 and also has a secret message hidden in it backwards

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