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QUIZ: Can you name the classic plays with all the letters in 'alphabetical order'?

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'Alphabetical Order'PlayDetails
aeeGgGllnnorrRssyThree words, David Mamet, 1983
cehinooRrsOne word, Eugène Ionesco, 1959
AAacegiilmnnrsThree words, Tony Kushner, 1993
cgghilnooorrSTTyThree words, Harvey Firestein, 1982
AaehiiinnnRsStuFive words, Lorraine Hansberry,
aaiLrssttyOne word, Aristophanes, 411 BC
CddeehlOopTuThree words, Neil Simon, 1965
adfgGiinooorttWThree words, Samuel Beckett, 1953
aaCehIiknootTttuuWYYSix words, George S. Kaufman, 1936
AaadffghiiiilnoooorrsVWWFive words, Edward Albee, 1962
'Alphabetical Order'PlayDetails
agilmnoPyOne word, George Bernard Shaw, 1913
AaaccdeeilLnnOrsFour words, Joseph Kesserling, 1939
AaacdirOne word, Tom Stoppard, 1993
acCeeehhImmnoTtThree words, Eugene O'Neill, 1939
aaaaDeefhlmnoSstFour words, Arthur Miller, 1949
nOorTuwTwo words, Thornton Wilder, 1938
EiNotxTwo words, Jean-Paul Sartre, 1944
bioRUuTwo words, Alfred Jarry, 1896
aCddeeefGhilLnoorrssFive words, Mark Medoff, 1979
aaCfHinnooooRttTSix words, Tennessee Williams, 1955

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