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Can you find all the hidden Pokemon names in the following sentences? There are two in each one.

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If you seek answers, child, then consult the wise man on the mountain. However, keep in mind he may not give you the answer you want - he is wise, yet grim; erudite, yet bitter.
Remember, Kaiden, before dinner, put on your bib. A relaxing vacation starts with a clean child. Hey, wait, don't run away! Aha! Gotcha, tot! Now you put on that bib right now!!!
Basically, Dionysus said, 'Halt, Ariadne, I have a present for you' and then he was like, 'Drat! In infinite foolishness, I've set my wife on fire!'. That's more or less it.
The annual night-time harvest has come once again. Get your scythe, reap your field, and be back before dawn. And remember, don't cause too much of a row - let your children sleep.
Whether geothermic or solar, renewable power sources are the way of the future. We may not have, say, a solar powered bazooka, but other products can easily use these alternates.
In a hangar, 'Devo' irritated the pilots by performing an impromptu concert. Tired of hearing such chaos in the treble clef, famous pilot Chuck Yeager had to ask them to leave.
I'm tellin' ya, Tommy, these fish can grab a net ten times the size they are and swim off with it! It's like down there there's a fish superhero, Tommy, saving the day!
Johnny played and sold the theremin. Unfortunately, he didn't know to make them, so he was left baffled when somebody demanded enneagonal theremins, specially built, from his shop.
Don't spew patronizing garbage at me! I have my doctorate in geology! If it's a monoclinic tectosilicate with a white streak, then by God, it's feldspar as far as I'm concerned!
Your wife needs better table manners. She screamed, 'Beth eat!', ran into the kitchen, and started using her bare hands to shove food into her maw. I let it slide today, though.
I can't believe you love Han Solo, Sister Aria! I've never met a grossly impure nun such as yourself! You know full well that here at the abbey we're supposed to be Trekkies!
I can't wait to be done with chemistry. I keep reciting 'Gold, Au. Tungsten, W. Tin, Sn,' over and over again. I can't stand it! I need a nice, authentic alehouse ale or something.
Yes, I'm absolutely sure what I'm doing! I'm going to hide in our chimney all day, and come down at midnight to give the kids their presents! What could possibly go wrong?
My mate decorated his house in the oddest way - he gave himself an ombré loo, mauve to black, and a polka-dotted study, green and pink. Anyway, cheerio, luv, meet you at the pub.
Oh, what a fab alto you are! Your voice makes me want to hop up, it arouses my spirits so! Never stop singing, dear! You'll be a star one day!

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