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Can you finish the Legendary word ladder by transitioning from one Legendary to the other?

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Title of any of the four guardian deities of Alola
Adhesive strip
Accessory worn by Superman, Dracula, and Liberace
What Marie Antoinette suggested the poor eat
Type of drug or type of soda
'Sisters With Voices' lead singer
Melemele Island's guardian deity, Tapu ____
Controversial alcoholic energy drink, Four-____
Hawaiian goddess of fertility
U2 Lead singer
Sort of tie made out of a strip of leather passed through a medallion
Type of weevil infamous for the damage it does to crops
Price you pay for using a road
To relay information
Prefix that can go before vision, phone, and kinesis
Akala Island's guardian deity, Tapu ____
Fictional crocodile who lived with the Primms on 88th Street
Type of disease transmitted by ticks
Like, totally not cool
Part of a harness around a horse's neck where the reins go
Hearty and in well health
A passageway connecting two rooms
The outside of a boat
'Incredible' green superhero with purple pants
Mass or heft
Ula'ula Island's guardian deity, Tapu ____
Male cow used for breeding
Specific type of beak a duck has
What you do to a hole in the ground that you don't want
What is stereotypically put in a prisoner's cake
Either alright or not coarse
Poni Island's guardian deity, Tapu ____

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