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Can you finish this Legendary Pokemon Word Ladder by transitioning from one Legendary to the other?

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First half of Gen III's Dragon/Flying Legendary
Popular potato chip brand in America
Cycles around a track
Missing parts between objects
To open wide
What a fortune teller does to her crystal ball
Palestinian territory bordering Egypt
Second half of Gen III's Dragon/Flying Legendary
Type of Hawaiian sweet potato
Type of party held by the upper class
'Born This Way' singer
Almost vomits, but not quite
Welsh TV show about cavemen, OR a 'cool' way to shorten the word 'goggles'
Nineties' fad of cardboard discs
Short sticks used to hold things in
Neil Young's ex-wife
First half of Gen III's Rock Legendary
Ethiopian grain sometimes called 'finger millet'
Violent state of anger
Contest to see who is the fastest
One might order one of these of ribs at a steakhouse
Absence of
Thing that forces a door to stay closed
Second half of Gen III's Rock Legendary

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