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What is the name of Joey's stuffed penguin that is later given to Emma? 
What fake name does Phoebe often use? 
How many sisters does Joey have? 
What was the name of the band that Ross and Chandler founded in college? 
What was the profession of Rachel's ex-fiance, Barry? 
What stage name does Chandler's father perform under? 
By the end of the series, what restaurant does Monica work at? 
What is the first hidden password? 
Rachel thinks that Chandler's profession is what made up word? 
Rachel's sister, Amy, swears that Phoebe's name is actually this. 
What was the name of the cafe that Monica's grandmother hung out with her friends at? 
Chandler had relations with which one of Joey's Sisters? 
What weapon did Phoebe use to mug Ross when she was 14? 
Chandler claims he's moving to what country to avoid having to see Janice anymore? 
How many women that Rachel shares her room with deliver their babies before Rachel? 
What is the second hidden password? 
How many distinct categories of towels does Monica have? 
What does Ross use to bribe Mr. Zelner into giving Rachel her job back? 
What instrument did Chandler play in band? 
Other than 'Days of Our Lives', what show was Joey in? 
In 'The One With the Male Nanny', Sandy gets to use the 'Mr. Wigglemunch' puppet, leaving Ross to use this puppet. 
Phoebe's grandmother kept framed pictures of whom, claiming he was Phoebe's grandfather? 
Which one of Joey's girlfriends did Rachel kick in retaliation to her punching Joey? 
What is the third hidden password? 
What is the first and last name of the FRIENDS character that all 3 password relate to? 

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