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Can you name the games which Griffin McElroy and Nick Robinson created in 'CoolGames Inc.'?

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A rogue-like/farming simulator hybrid where you play as a pasta shaman.Episode 1, feat. Chris Grant
A cooking game where you cook random objects for Gordon Ramsey - and that's all it is!Episode 2, feat. Justin McElroy
A dating sim where, if things start going south, your goal becomes to successfully perform an operation on your partner.Episode 3, feat. Phil Kollar
An extreme sports game where you drive a monster truck the same way you'd ride a skateboard. The soundtrack is all country music.Episode 4, feat. Dave Tach
A relatively normal platformer where each level, a new, randomized, edible controller is 3D-printed.Episode 5, feat. Dave Lang
A theater-based MMO where you perform real plays and musicals on a digital stage.Episode 6, feat. Simone De Rochefort
A result of 'Twitch Plays RPG Maker'.Episode 7
An MMO based off of a highly popular series of spy movies starring Mike Myers.Episode 8, feat. Merritt Kopas
A game where you sit around and drink cool drinks on lawn chairs as you see incredible basket-ball themed beasts in the distance. You cannot interact with them in any way.Episode 9, feat. Tara Long
A 'Spore'-like game with a bizarrely heavy focus on the reproductive aspect of making new trucks. Trucks can be exported into the game made in Episode 4.Episode 10
A fighting game where the only two characters are a giant ape and a character from 'Inside Out'.Episode 11
A more fleshed out fighting game between famous video game characters and characters from ABC's '90s sitcom line-up.Episode 12
A bartending/dating simulator where both the liquids and the kisses look incredible - a rarity for video games.Episode 13
A dating sim where every character corresponds to a specific territory in the USA.Episode 14, feat. Austin Walker
Technically, not even a game - just a VR collection of famous animated characters smooching each other.Episode 16, feat. Danny O'Dwyer
Not a video game, but rather a folk game in which people in two-man horse costumes play hockey with real horses for the goalies.Episode 17, feat. Russ Frushtick
A VR game/game show where contestants must navigate a virtual and physical obstacle course where the simulated and physical obstacles don't always match up.Episode 18
An 'It Follows' inspired game where you run from the Six Flags old man mascot, whose speed can be increased if the player controlling him dances his dance in real life.Episode 21, feat. Patrick Klepek
A Pokémon game where instead of, say, 2 Pokémon games with a total of 700 Pokémon between them, it's split into 350 games with only two Pokémon in each.Episode 22
A seemingly one-player game where you play as Richard Karn's 'Home Improvement' character, but is really a 'Truman Show'-style game where every NPC is controlled by a real person.Episode 23
An MMO where every class is inspired by a 'weird aging' piece of media (e.g., Benjamin Button, Freaky Friday, Jack...)Episode 24
A social VR experience where every player is a hair-stylist, and can cut the hair of all the other players.Episode 25
A multiplayer game where several people control a car in five-second bursts. The goal is to save yourself, but ensure that the next player crashes.Episode 26
A first-person survival game where you're trapped in your house during a particularly nasty winter and must craft basic necessities from what you already have to survive.Episode 27
A remake of an allegedly classic PC game that is borrows elements from Warioware and Pokémon and has the original's iconic 4-bit soundtrack.Episode 28

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