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Can you name the classic books with all the letters in 'alphabetical order'?

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'Alphabetical Order'BookDetails
aacDeefGhiinooPrrrTtuyFive words, Oscar Wilde, 1890
AeeFfglnnooorrrswThree words, Daniel Keyes, 1959
BeeFhhllllmoorstTWFive words, Ernest Hemingway, 1940
abdeeeiiilnnnSsSstyThree words, Jane Austen, 1811
aaDeefHknoerrsstThree words, Joseph Conrad, 1899
acdeEeeegGhhiinorrsTtWWyFive words, Zora N. Hurston, 1937
acdeefiMMnnOFour words, John Steinbeck, 1937
aceeeehlLeeSTtttThree words, Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1850
aaBCddeeeefgghooRrTuFive words, Stephen Crane, 1895
bCceehilrTuTwo words, Arthur Miller, 1953
'Alphabetical Order'BookDetails
adeeiJlmnooRtuThree words, William Shakespeare, 1597
AaaFilmmnrTwo words, George Orwell, 1945
aaCCdelrstTwo words, Kurt Vonnegut, 1963
aeeFiknnnrstOne word, Mary Shelley, 1818
aaacdeenPrWThree words, Leo Tolstoy, 1869
aaceEeGimnoprstttxTwo words, Charles Dickens, 1861
aaeeeGghilMnrssTThree words, Tennessee Williams, 1944
aadeiLoPrsstTwo Words, John Milton, 1667
aCceerehhirRTttyFive words, J. D. Salinger, 1951
AabeeeefGGlnnnorsFour words, Lucy Maud Montgomery, 1901

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