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QUIZ: Can you name the Beatles songs with their letters in 'alphabetical order'?

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'Alphabetical Order'SongDetails
eeeeHkllrrSttTwo words, The Beatles
cdeeiikoRTttThree words, Help!
AceeehinorssstUvThree words, Let it Be
AeeghllNoorTtwThree words, Yellow Submarine
adhinosSTttuwThree words, Please Please Me
aaBbBciklnsyThree words, Beatles for Sale
BdegHllouyTwo words, Yellow Submarine
EeeghiiLnrttTvyThree words, Beatles for Sale
aDeipprrTyTwo words, Yesterday and Today
adegiNnooorwWTwo words, Rubber Soul
aDginoPyThree words, Let it Be
aBCeeLMnotuvyFour words, A Hard Day's Night
gghIikLmnoooorTuuYFour words, Rubber Soul
'Alphabetical Order'SongDetails
hhiiinoootttuuuWWYYFour words, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
aeeeehkkllMoSTtuWYFive words, Help!
abEegilnorRyTwo words, Revolver
aaCeghhirrTttWyThree words, Abbey Road
aeIllnoottTuWYFive words, Revolver
DeeLMoovThree words, Please Please Me
acDdeeenPrruTwo words, The Beatles
aeeeghHiLmnoSsvThree words, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
aeehlmnoPPtyTwo words, Abbey Road
aCeehllMntTWyFour words, A Hard Day's Night
aCDeiMrrvyThree words, Yesterday and Today
eeFhhHilllnoooTtFive words, Magical Mystery Tour
aaBeJluWyyThree words, Magical Mystery Tour

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