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Can you name the words that start with each letter of the alphabet and end with the letter 'X'?

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Site of the American Civil War battle where the Confederates surrendered, effectively ending the warA
The commercial name for the bacteria that causes botulism, usually injected into the face as a form of plastic surgeryB
The height of action in a storyC
The sequence of drug or alcohol withdrawal where a person's body must learn to readjust to life without the substancesD
One of the two days of the year when the day is exactly as long as the nightE
To baffle or perplexF
A one with ten duotrigintillion zeroes after it - not to be confused with the headquarters of a certain popular search engineG
The scientific name for the big toeH
A sudden flood of new thingsI
A contraption in which money is placed in exchange for a song, traditionally played off of a vinyl recordJ
American Fort where most of the United States' gold reserves are keptK
The genus of a particular species of wild cat which includes the bobcatL
A North American bovine, notable mainly for its pungent odor, from which it gets its nameM
A covered porch which denotes the western entrance of a churchN
What the British did to the American colonists to make them revoltO
A statement which seems to contradict itself, such as, 'This statement is false'P
Dragon from 'Tik-Tok of Oz' who defeats the Nome King with eggsQ
Brought back and restored, like in the title of the 2001 re-edit of 'Apocalypse Now'R
A stretchy fabric commonly worn by athletes and superheroesS
The curve generated when, say, you drag a boat behind you on a rope, defined by the equation y=a(arcsech(x/a))-sqrt(a^2-x^2)T
Appropriate for people of all genders U
Sometimes called a whirlpoolV
The substance which candles and honeycombs are made ofW
A brand name for alprazolam, an anti-anxiety medication infamous for its recreational useX
Minor character from 'Zootopia' who owns the Mystic Spring OasisY
Another name for Belial from the 'Dragon Quest' franchiseZ

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