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Between White Mountains and Rohan
Southern Border of Ossiriand
Frontier of Western-Most Lands
Himring to Doriath
Starts at Mount Dolmed to Sarn Athrad
Border between the Shire and Buckland
From Ered Luin to Ossiriand
West Beleriand to near Brithombar
Through Rivendell
From Iron Hills west to another river
Lonely Mountain to Rhun
From Exit of Moria through Lorien
Where Nienor Niniel commited suicide
From Estolad to Doriath
From White Mountains to another river
From White Mountains past Calembel
From Ered Luin through Ossiriand
From Mountains of Mirkwood
From Mount Methedras through Rohan
From White Mountains through Lossarnach
Through Doriath
From Grey Mountains to Esgaroth
Great East River of Beleriand
From White Moutains through Lebennin
From Nuath to another river
One Ring was lost here
From South of Moria to Ost-in-Edhil
From West Beleriand to another river
From Ettenmoors to another river
From North Rhovanion to another river
Border between Arnor and Gondor
From Ephel Duath to Belegaer
Nan Curunir to Belegaer
From Rhovanion into another river
From White Mountains to Bay of Belfalas
From Ered Luin through Ossiriand
From Fangorn into another river
From Ered Luin into Belegaer
North of Brethil
Border between Gondor and Rohan
From Ered Gorgorth across Beleriand
Came from Morgul Vale
Near Stone of Erech
From Pools of Ivrin to Nan-tathren
Ered Wethrin to Bay of Eglarest
Named after Amroth and his love
Flowed in west of Numenor
From Nurnen into Belegaer
From White Mountains to Belegaer
From Nargothrond to another river
From Dorthonion to Fen of Serech
Famous rapids in a great river (not technically a river)
From Lebennin to the Bay of Belfalas
Gate-Stream of Moria
From Meneltarma to Belegaer
Most Famous River of Western Lands
From White Mountains to Belegaer
From White Mountains through Edoras
From Ered Wethrin to Doriath
From Ered Luin to Ossiriand
River in Shire
Through the Old Forest from Barrow-Downs

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