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Location or PlaceRange or Specific Mountain
Tomb of Elendil
Long Hills from Nargothrond to the Gates of Sirion
One of the Mountains of Moria
One of the Mountains of Moria
Home to Thorondor
Mountain over the Path of the Dead
Around Gondolin
Lay in Greenwood the Great
Mordor's Western and Southern Edge
Southern Edge of Dorthonian, Spiders
Northern Edge of Mordor
Western Edge of Eriador
Northwestern Edge of Hithlum
North of Rhovanion
Between Dor-Lomin and Mithrim
One of the Mountains of Moria
Southeastern range of Valinor
Home of Dain and Durin's Folk
Giant Range of the North
Location or PlaceRange or Specific Mountain
North Wall of Dunaharrow
Home of Smaug
Middle of Numenor
Lays above Isengard
Stands over Minas Tirith
Between Eriador and Rhovanion
Nogrod was delved underneath
Where the One Ring was Forged
Goblins from here attacked the Shire
Where Durin first awoke
North of Lake Helevorn
Chief city was Carn Dum
East of Cuivienen, Four Dwarf Fathers woke here
Protected Aman and Valinor
Source of the Snowbourn
Home of Manwe
Called Angband and Home of Morgoth
East to West acrss Gondor
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