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Can you name the Bodies of Water in Middle-Earth?

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InfoBody of Water
Seperates Aman and Middle-Earth in First and Second Age
Location of Tol Eressea
Ocean Inlet where Cirdan lived in the First Age
South of Beleriand and Eriador and North of Far Harad in the First Age
Here Feanor reached Middle-Earth
North of Eriador where the snowmen lived
Where the Grey Havens are
Into which the Anduin flowed
Completely surrounded Arda
Great Inland Sea with Cuivienen on the Eastern Side in the First Age
Inland Sea of Mordor
East of Mirkwood lies this Inland Sea
Great Inland Sea in the South
East of Tol Eressea where the Enchanted Isles were set
Lay in Valinor
In the Westfarthing of the Shire
Hidden Stronghold in Ithilien
Where Bilbo had a contest of Riddles
Where Durin saw his crown of 7 Stars
On the Southern Shore lay Annuminas
InfoBody of Water
South of Mount Rerir
Where the Noldor first dwelt in Middle-Earth
Lake in Nevrast
Where Esgaroth lay
The Northen Approach was where the Argonath were built
Lake in Numenor
Lay in East Dorthonion where Barahir hid
Bay where Dol Amroth was located
Northwest of Numenor's Coast
Lay west of Numenor
Bay where Numenoreans set sail from
Marshy area where Sirion met Aros
Ancient Battle Field of the Dagorlad
Series of Marshes along Sirion
Where the Gladden met Anduin
Swamp to the Northeast of Bree
Swamp to the South of the Emyn Muil
Marsh in the Southfarthing
Small marsh in the Westfarthing
Marshy Area in Eriador

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