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Amount of same organisms in a same time and place
Death rate
Birth rate
Impacts population depending on population density
Impacts population regardless of density
Close relationship of organisms in ecosystem
Resources relied on for survival
If only one resource is overused it will end
Event that changes population, biodiversity and resources availability in ecosystem
low chance of changing after disturbance
ability to recover quickly
disturbed area slowly taken over by non-native species
starts with bare rock. (no soil)
Some soil is available
Maximum population of species that's sustainable long term
Observation that shows state of condidtion
Species that are harmful to the environment
Change in one variable
Relationship between two variables
As one variable decreases, so does the other
As one variable increases, so does the other
Regions with similar abiotic conditions
Information used to support or refute a claim
Individuals/groups who are affected by or involved in a decision
Outcomes given up to gain other Outcomes
Small organisms that drift in the ocean
Industry of processing or selling fish
Place that stores carbon
Amount of living matter
Process in which cells release energy
Process in which O2 and glucose are formed
Organelle that performs photosynthesis
Can be transmitted between people (disease)
Can't be transmitted between people (disease)
Microscopic cellular organism/virus
Breakdown in structure and function of organism
All living organisms are made of cells, cells are unit of structure and function, cells are made from other cells
Certain things can travel in and out
Semi-fluid material where internal structures reside
Processes to maintain homeostasis
Gives structure and organization to cytoplasm
Organisms with Nuclei
Organisms without Nuclei
Large molecules/quantities are expelled from cell
Large molecules/quantities are brought into cell
Movement of molecules across semi-permeable membrane
Diffusion of water across semi-permeable membrane
Substance moves from high to low concentration through protein
Substance moves from low to high concentration through protein
Lipid with phosphate attatched to 2 long lipid tails
Helps forms cell membrane
Helps transport large molecules through cell membrane
Assists in cell-to-cell communication
Complex arrangement of proteins in membrane
Composes genetic material
What is measured
What is deliberately varied
Kept equal throughout
Repeating experiment
A scientific question
Independent variable is either removed or set a standard level

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