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This is our main female protagonist. They're very clumsy and has the alter ego 'Ladybug'.
This is our main male protagonist. A kind-hearted person, this boy's alter ego is 'Cat Noir'.
Main (F) protagonist's best friend and the owner of two blogs.
Last known guardian of the miraculous.
This character is a pathological liar, bent on trying to make the main (F) protagonist's life hell.
The main antagonist of the show, this character turns people into supervillains to gain powers. They own th butterfly miraculous.
The main antagonist's accomplice and owner of the peacock miraculous.
This character has a crush on our main (F) character. They love playing the guitar and rock music.
They are the main celebrity of the show, the one everyone obssesses over and loves.
Main (M) best friend, this character loves to DJ and hanging out with his friends.
Young classmate who has a camera phobia, but wants to be seen. They have purple streaks and a mirror on their hand.
A sweet classmate who loves the prince of Achoo and everything pink.
The kwami of our main (F) protagonist.
The kwami of our main (M) protagonist.
Easily scared, this character feels safe around her boyfriend and loves the environment.
A person who looks big and tough on the outside, but shy and recluse on the inside. He wrote a song to his girlfriend to show how muchhe loves her.
A strong skater, this person loves to mess around and have fun, while also offers to help their friends.
This character is a strong swimmer, with a nack for dares and monkeying about.
Classic mean one of the story, this person is rude and snide, but has a soft heart inside.
Acts as a servent to the mean one, and treats them like royalty. This person is kind and gentle, but too gullible to notice their naivity.
This character is an amazing fencer, often mistaken for the oppisite gender, because they're hidden behind the fencing mask. Mother always wants them to strive for perfection.
Born a gamer, this character loves all things technology, and even designed his own best friend.
Former lover of our main (F) protagonist, this character is an artist with a small smile and the kindest heart.
Teacher to our main protagonists, this character is always so sweet and helping to their students.
Last known guardian's kwami.
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