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Can you name the all these facts about Call of Duty Zombies?

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HintAnswerExtra Info
First zombies mapVery basic
Second zombies mapMental asylum
Third zombies mapSwamp
Fourth zombies mapFirst teleporter
Fifth zombies mapFirst black ops map
Sixth zombies mapHas real life characters
Seventh zombies mapLike an arcade game
Eighth zombies mapRecreation of launch
Ninth zombies mapGo away George
Tenth zombies mapIndiana Jones like map
Elenventh zombies mapFirst time a map is not on Earth
Twelfth zombies mapGet on the bus
Thirteenth zombies mapHappens at the same time as 11th map
Fourteenth zombies map Great leap forward
Fifteenth zombies mapGet on the plane
Sixteenth zombies mapIn Africa
Ameican character 'I'm gonna' do a jig in your insides, freakbag!'
Japanese character'I am possessed by the power of the EMPEROR!'
German character'Schweinehund! Die!'
Russian character'No it's my vodka! MINE! MY OWN!'
Black ops 2 characterOnly playable girl zombies character
Black ops 2 characterOld, grey haired, homeless
Black ops 2 characterReally nerdy
HintAnswerExtra Info
Black ops 2 characterOnly one the can hear the announcer
15th zombies map character'The Irish built half this **** country, anyway.'
15th zombies map characterName is in easter egg
15th zombies map character'C'mon c'mon, hurry it up! I aint got time to f*ck around with the box.'
15th zombies map character'Don't you **** expect mercy, just cause I'm out of bullets!'
Zombies modePlayer can be a zombies
Zombies mode8 player zombies
Wonder weaponCreated by the doctor
Wonder weaponAvailable in all zombies map
Wonder weaponZeus cannon
Wonder weaponI want the free _________
Wonder weapon Slide zombies! Slide!
Wonder weaponFeel the wrath of this eating device
Wonder weaponDoctor Who would be proud
Wonder weaponUnlimited ammo! Vonderval!
Wonder weaponGather these zombies up now!
Additional thingsDrinkable item
Additional thingsMakes your gun better
Additional things1st BO2 main zombies easter egg
Additional things2nd BO2 main zombies easter egg
Additional things3rd BO2 main zombies easter egg
Additional things4th BO2 main zombies easter egg
Additional thingsThe doctor is in this body
HintAnswerExtra Info
Additional thingsThe doctor's enemy
Additional things The doctor's body's dog
Drink'If you wanna get up'
DrinkMore health
DrinkReload faster
DrinkHigher fire rate
Drink'Sounds like it's _______ time'
DrinkZombies will be afraid when you dolphin dive
Drink3 guns
DrinkGive me my perks back
DrinkHow can I revive myself
DrinkZombies don't like it when you reload
Drink I'm a bird I can see everything
EnemyDown Fido
EnemySave juggernog
EnemyGet him in the water
Enemy Kill the warden
EnemyThe annoying head things
EnemyHer hobby is steaing points
EnemyThis guy is a downer not on earth

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