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Can you name the characters from HBO's Oz?

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StaffEmerald City Unit Manager
StaffNun and Psychologist
StaffCatholic Priest
StaffEvil Governor
StaffReplacement Emerald City Unit Manager
StaffInvestigates the Riot
StaffFemale C.O. and Single Mother
StaffFemale C.O. who sleeps with a number of inmates
StaffC.O. and good friend of Em City Unit Manager
StaffFormer C.O. claims to be President of 'Democratic Republic of Huru'
StaffFormer C.O. who will never play pro basketball
StaffRacist C.O. killed by an inmate's razor-sharp nails
StaffDeath Row C.O.
HomeboysIntimidating African Leader of the Homeboys
HomeboysGrizzled Leader of the Homeboys
HomeboysWheelchair-bound Narrator
HomeboysFormer Homeboy Leader turned Muslim
HomeboysMaster of poetry and dealer
Homeboys16-year-old dealer
HomeboysFellow dealer
HomeboysAllergic to eggs
HomeboysDrug addict; takes a liking to the Em City Unit Manager
HomeboysUndercover cop
HomeboysBasketball star
HomeboysDeath row inmate
HomeboysKills someone with fire
HomeboysUnit C dealer
OthersAttorney jailed for vehicular manslaughter of a child
OthersManipulative homosexual sociopath
OthersOld man who speaks to God
OthersOld man known as 'The Mole'
OthersWoman on Death row
OthersReverend who was bricked up in a wall
OthersRussian was electrocuted
OthersAte his parents
Others'Pete-Peter... Peter Marie...'
OthersDisguised as a reporter, kills Muslim leader
OthersTrains dog to attack C.O.s
OthersBefriends the mentally disabled Irish inmate
OthersFormer sherriff confined to Unit J
OthersOne-armed rat
Aryans & BikersLeader of the Aryans
Aryans & BikersHas African-American gums
Aryans & BikersLeader of the Bikers
Aryans & BikersPrag
Aryans & BikersSon of the leader of the Aryans
Aryans & BikersKilled in the riot
Aryans & BikersKilled when a tunnel collapses
ItaliansItalian leader known as 'The Enforcer'
ItaliansMafia chief and former leader of the Italians
ItaliansMafia chief's son who gets raped
ItaliansItalian leader who contracts HIV
ItaliansStar of the first episode
LatinosDoes what's necessary to survive
LatinosLeader of the Latinos
LatinosScarred face
LatinosFormer Leader of the Latinos
LatinosCuts a C.O.'s Achilles tendon & throws a 'cocktail' in his face
LatinosGoes nuts when his family stops visiting
IrishMaster Manipulator
IrishHis mentally handicapped brother
IrishTheir abusive father
IrishRed-haired Christian convert
IrishTries to detonate a bomb
IrishCatholic Priest
GaysHis death sentenced was overturned
GaysRepresents the Gays in a boxing tournament
GaysDeath row inmate with AIDS
GaysGay Latino club owner
GaysFlamboyant background gay
GaysRotund background gay
MuslimsLeader of the Muslims
MuslimsMuslim Lieutenant
MuslimsRepresents the Muslims in a boxing tournament

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