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Can you name the black wrestlers?

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'The World's Strongest Man'
Can you dig it... SUCKA?!
His brother and Harlem Heat tag partner
Wife of the 5-time (said 5-times)
World champ
'The World's Largest Love Machine'
His Men on a Mission tag partner
Men on a Mission manager
'The Natural'
'The Gold Standard'
The Gold Standard's mother
'The Birdman'
First African American to hold
the Intercontinental Championship
'The People's Champ', now a movie star
His father
Bobble-headed Nation of Domination member
Pimpin' ain't easy!
Leader of the New Breed;
In TNA 'The Pope'
Jamaican me crazy!
What's Up?!
Money Money! Yeah Yeah!
Known for his White Boy Challenge
His wife and 2-time Women's Champ
Recurring General Manager
WWE Hall of Famer who wore chains
The Big Wiggle
Eats worms
WWE Hall of Famer
'Big Cat'
Original ECW Gangsta
His Gangstas tag team partner
Popular late '80s wrestler with a bad attitude
Current MMA fighter
and former WWE and TNA wrestler
His girlfriend and former WWE Diva
WWE Hall of Famer
'The Jackie Robinson of Professional Wrestling'
Chief of Staff of JBL's Cabinet
Last ever ECW Champion
and member of The Corre
Early manager of the Nation of Domination
Oh my brother! Testify!
Once accompanied to the ring
by the Funkettes
Popular dwarf wrestler from the '80s
WWE Hall of Famer
known for his training school in Brooklyn
Hails from Uganda
'The Alpha Male'
One-time bodyguard of Chris Jericho
I pity the fool...
WWE Hall of Famer 'Mr. USA'
ROH wrestler from Ghana
Somebody call my mama!
'Special Delivery'
Popular '80s manager 'The Doctor of Style'
Bodyguard for The Million Dollar Man
Hulk Hogan's No Holds Barred
movie opponent
Pretty Mean Sister
Former wedding planner
Dusty Rhodes' manager
Manager of the Bashams
Former Commentator and Assistant Raw GM
Host of the VIP Lounge
Black Machismo
His former tag partner;
currently an NXT wrestler
Dominant former WWE and TNA
Women's wrestler
Member of the Full Blooded Italians
in the original ECW
Original ECW wrestler;
sounds like a Woody Woodpecker character
Tough Enough Season 1 Winner
Big wrestling star in Japan and MMA Fighter
One-time loud-mouthed manager
of the Primetime Players
ECW commentator
and part-time NXT wrestler
Stampede Wrestling star in the 60s & 70s
'The Madman From the Sudan'
Scott Steiner's former TNA manager
Member of Extreme Exposé
and Team Lay-Cool
TNA X-Division wrestler
and former Tough Enough contestant
Independent wrestler with
a blaxploitation gimmick
'Mr. 630'
ROH Manager of The Rottweilers
One half of the Primetime Players
'Mr. No Days Off'
Husband of Jennifer Hudson
Member of Nexus;
He is the product!
NXT Season 2 Rookie
One half of the Primetime Players
'The Big Deal'
'The Funkasaurus'
One half of the Funkadactyls
and former NXT Season 3 contestant
The other Funkadactyl
and former Tough Enough contestant
Dolph Ziggler's bodyguard

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