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GTA Hintsshort answer
What's my favorite gun?
What Fighter Jet do I prefer? Hydra or P-996?
Whats my character look like in GTA?
What car is the Zentorno in real life?
What car is the T20 in real life?
Can I continuously roll (combat Roll)?
What's my favorite shotgun?
What level am I?
Are we all awesome on GTA?
Will I help you do missions?
What's my favorite pistol?
Do I accept 1v1s?
Do I use glitches?
Am I a psychopath?
Whats my STRONGEST car?
GTA Hintsshort answer
Am I a snacker?
Whats my car on GTA Online?
Whats my second favorite car?
What do i fight with on GTA Online?
What color is my Zentorno?
How many cars are in my garage?
Whats Michaels car?
Whats Franklins car?
Am I friendly or an enemy to everyone?
Which am I better at tank or jet?
How much money do I have on GTA?
Am I a nice person in real life?
What's my K/D?
What's my favorite rifle?
What's my Crew/Gang name on GTA?

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