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CountryDictatorFamous for
UgandaExpulsion of Indians, nationalization of business and industry
SpainLeader of the Nationalists, won control with support from Hitler and Stalin
ItalyEmperor of the Roman Empire
GermanyInstigator of WWII, cause of over 60 million deaths
ItalyKey figure in the creation of Facism
Russia'Disappearances' of citizen, millions killed
(Kind of) GermanyLeader of the Hunnic Emire
North KoreaChairman of the National Defense comission
Myanmar (Burma)Oversaw a reduction in corruption of his country, represses freedom of speech
CountryDictatorFamous for
CubaMajor leader in the Cuban revolution
ChinaChairman of Communist China
ZimbabweZimbabwean inflation running rampant
CambodiaCollective farms, forced labor projects
MongoliaLeader of the Golden Horde
IraqTaken out of power by president Bush
RussiaDesires to return Russia to its 'former glory'
FranceConquering much of the known world (1804-1814)
SudanOverseeing genocide in Sudan to the current date

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