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St. Peter can finally get that coffee stain out of his robe, but he’d better call in the next 20 minutes.
I hope Frank, Sammy, and Dean still let him hang out with them in the afterlife. Heck, he even made Peter look famous.
Chris Columbus killed this Dumbledore 4 books too early with his crappy adaptations.
I guess all those crying faces were a warning sign he was suffocating inside that invisible glass box.
Let’s hope heaven likes guys in all black, ‘cause I’ve heard the other place burns, burns, burns.
At least the kids at Neverland won’t have to fight over the covers anymore.
He could leap from swiftly moving horses in a single bound!
His life may have ended, but his name still doesn’t---GE, OR, GE, OR, GE, OR….
Little known fact: he died of agonizing boredom while watching his best friend’s “Out of Africa.”
He played a crazy role twice as well as Jack “I play crazy roles best” Nicholson. No joke.
Too bad “Ghost” was made in 1990. I bet he could give a much more realistic performance now.

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