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Can you name the Mario term by letter?

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AFlurrie's Occupation
BUnclear gender
CCurrency in the Mushroom Kingdom
DBurly ape
ECrazy professor from Luigi's Mansion
FEnemy that throws fireballs
GStompable, weak enemy
HMario's weapon
IAllows Mario to shoot iceballs
JMario's early nickname
KShelled enemy
LRides a cloud
MMakes Mario bigger
NNative to the bay in Mario Sunshine
ODaisy's dress is yellow and _____
PGlutton plant
QSymbol on certain blocks
RColorful Mario Kart track
SGrants Mario invincibility
TWears a diaper and mushroom cap
UUpgrades stomping damage
VShadow Siren
WRampant Caterpillar
XServes Grodus from TTYD
YMario's dinosaur companion
ZFemale chef

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