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Bassist for We The Kings. Have two dogs and live in Florida.
Family of 8, including their great dane. Every family member has a nick name that ends with tard.
Two brothers who make videos of all different ages reacting to viral videos,topics, or trends.
Originally from Hawaii, this youtuber first gained fame with his how to be ninja, gangster, emo and nerd videos.
Emo hair guy and bowl haircut guy who make videos on youtube and are currently the second most subscribed channel on youtube.
Brazilian musician and director known for his spikey hair and glasses.
Mainly two guys dressing up like historical characters and making them battle it out through rap.
Heavily bearded man and his friends make huge meals with lots of bacon and get drunk while doing it.
Swedish gamer, has crazy reactions, and is currently has the most subscribed to channel on all of youtube.
Couple known for pulling pranks on each other, and their daily vlogs with their two cats in Philly Saan!
Most subscribed to woman on all of Youtube.
Fans are his queens. Openly gay, Known for his hair and glasses.

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