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Background cause of WWI (not spark)
Background cause of WWI (not spark)
Background cause of WWI (not spark)
_____________, Bosnia. (BOOM)
Assassin was from this country
Accept these terms or war
Lack of movement of front line
Zig Zag defensive system
Ottoman Empire, A-H Empire, and Germany formed the
France, G.B., Russia, and later the US (along with others) formed the...
True or False: Planes were advanced and caused much destruction during WWI
This machine helped break through no man's land towards the end of the war
Mustard and chlorine versions of this weapon affected the lungs, eyes, and skin
The sinking of this ship brought the US into war
Leader of Germany during WWI
Ceasefire on 11/11/1918
Result of Paris Peace Conference
German leader who promised to return Germany to greatness
Bonus: Leader of France during WWI

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