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The period of time after the Middle Ages that saw a growth of city-states, education, and art.
There are 28 people in this class right now. They all have binders, book, and computers. These facts are examples of what?
Example: The people in this room are probably students
What is the literal translation of 'renaissance'?
Where did the Renaissance start?
Name one reason that city-states were important.
The focus on the individual and his/her achievements and potential. Also, it emphasized education.
From what ancient places did Renaissance thinkers take ideas from?
What Renaissance artist created the Sistine Chapel
What Renaissance artist painted The School of Athens
Who painted the Mona Lisa and Last Supper
True or False: The Renaissance was a cause of the Reformation.
This movement sought to reform the Catholic Church but ultimately led to its split
The name of any Christians who are not part of the Catholic Church
What document criticized Church corruption and the selling of indulgences
Teachings or ideas that are against the teachings of the Catholic Church
The belief that the Bible alone contains all the answers to salvation and doctrine.
At what event was Luther excommunicated?
Luther stated that every Christian could interpret this document without the help of priests
This Protestant leader followed Martin Luther. He held the belief that people were predestined for either heaven or hell
Yes or No: King Henry created the Church of England because he cared about salvation and indulgences like Martin Luther
This religious group believed that people should be baptized as adults. They also believed in peace
What movement in the Reformation focused on farmers increasing their power and social status
What is another name for the Church of England?
The Council of Trent and the cleaning up of indulgences are examples of the this Catholic response to the Protestant Reformation

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