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This is the lowest class in the feudal system
This is the name for the system that governed medieval europe through complex arrangements based on land, loyalty, and social class
This person is at the top of the Catholic Church
This man ruled an empire in Europe around 800 AD. He unified this empire through force and Christianity.
This is the church law that governs all Catholics
This was the religion that dominated Europe during the Middle Ages
This is the land that is given to a vassal in return for loyalty and service
This was the basic economic unit of the Middle Ages. It consisted of a Lord's land worked by serfs.
This is when the Pope bans someone from the Church
This is the name of the empire that formed after Charlemagne with a political ruler crowned by the pope.
The religion of southern Spain and the Middle East in 1000 AD.
The Pope bans the sacraments from an entire kingdom.
This person was the Holy Roman Emperor who demanded that Pope Gregory step down.
This Pope excommunicated the king above.
The act of a king or lord selecting a bishop from the laity (non-religious).
A person receiving a fief in return for loyalty, services, and/or protection.

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