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Can you name the films from their famous quotes, rephrased into needlessly-wordy versions of themselves?

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'To be quite honest with you darling, I simply care not a jot'
'Visit the seafront, we shall rendezvous and engage in merriment'
'Should I fail to return within one-twelfth of an hour, I would recommend simply being patient a while more'
'My mother constantly uttered that existence resembled a container filled with cocoa treats; you are unaware of what said box may contain'
'I beg your pardon sir Doctor, but did you imply that you constructed a time-space manipulation device out of an Irish-built automobile?'
'The undeveloped shroot of a flower of the genus Rosa'
'What is the nature of the task which you believe yourself to be undertaking, David?'
'Motivate yourself to undertake the process of experiencing life, or motivate yourself to undertake the process of experiencing death'
'I would like for you to strike me in as powerful a fashion as you are possibly able'
'The finest illusion ever perpetrated by the most famous denizen of Hell was to iterate to the planet that he was a fabrication'
Wordy QuoteFilmOriginal Quote
'The location of their excavation is erroneous'
'I require the use of your adornment, your footwear and your two-wheeled conveyance'
'This is the place in which one may find John'
'We do not intend to be taken in by a yellow fruit inserted into the exhaust system of our vehicle'
'There are those who merely desire to spectate as the planet is engulfed in flame'
'The way appears to be devoid of obstacles youngster, now let us detonate this object and return to our place of habitation'
'Every last one of those nanoseconds shall be misplaced in history, like lachrymal excretions in precipitation'
'In the event that we should not meet in the meantime, have a pleasant post-meridian, a pleasant twilight period and a pleasant period of darkness'
'Let us attend our place of employment'
'There are moments during which there is such an abundance of aesthetic greatness on the planet that I believe I am unable to adequately cope'

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