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Can you name the Roman gods/goddesses based on alternative uses of their names?

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Alternative UseGod(dess)God(dess) of...
Fifth-largest city in Los Angeles County, California, where the Fairplex is located.Fruit trees, gardens and orchards
The name of the spacecraft in the TV series 'Lost in Space'.The sky, air and storm. King of the Gods
American automobile manufacturer, a subsidiary of General Motors.Harvest and agriculture
_______ Creed, opponent of Rocky Balboa in two films.The sun, poetry, oracles and music
A brand of margarine sold primarily in the UK, sponsors of the London Marathon.Flowers
2007 comedy film about a pregnant teen.Matrimony (marriage). Queen of the Gods
Fictional California town, the setting for TV's 'Veronica Mars'The sea
Third track and lead single from heavy metal band Deftones' self-titled fourth album.Wisdom and war
_____ Williams, American tennis player.Love and beauty
Communist island nation in the Caribbean.Infants
Pigmented ring of muscular tissue in the eye which controls dilation of the pupil.Rainbow
Alternative UseGod(dess)God(dess) of...
Capital city of Peru or a town in Ohio.Thresholds
Cult of ____, Swedish doom metal band.The moon
Short-lived UK political party led by television personality Robert Kilroy-Silk.Truth
A common abbreviation for Nitrous Oxide, used in cars to generate greater speed (Nitrous).Night
Freddie _______, lead singer of rock band Queen who died in 1991.Mischief
Italian football club that plays at the Stadio Olimpico, rivals of Lazio.The Roman State
Information which is often useless or irrelevant, commonly found on Sporcle quizzes!Magic
An inescapable or persistent foe; what Jerry is to Tom!Revenge
A class of military aircraft built by Lockheed Martin, known by the number C-130Strength
A mood disorder typified by abnormally elevated moods. At one end of the bi-polar scale.The dead. Ruler of the Underworld

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