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Can you name the answers to the following trivia questions about Ricky Gervais?

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What is the name of the radio station where Gervais worked, and later hosted a show for?
His co-host (and later writing partner)?
Which 'Ricky Gervais Show' and podcast collaborator has Gervais called 'one of the funniest men alive'?
In which comedy series starring Simon Pegg did Gervais have a cameo before The Office was picked up?
Gervais appeared as an obnoxious topical commentator on which Channel 4 comedy show?
The Office debuted in 2001. His character's name?
How many episodes of The Office were produced?
The Office was successfully remade in the US. What (specific) credit did Gervais receive in the opening credits?
What was the name of Gervais' short-lived Channel 4 chat show?
Gervais and co. went on to create another successful comedy show. Its title?
Which Scottish actress co-starred opposite Gervais?
Which coveted US TV award did Gervais win for his role as Andy Millman?
He hosted three specials called 'Ricky Gervais Meets...' where he interviewed his comedy heroes. Name one of the comedy heroes he interviewed.
Gervais wrote a children's book in 2004. What was it called?
Name the first three of Gervais' sold-out stand up comedy tours.
The fourth, and most recent, is called...
Gervais fought in a Celebrity Boxing match in 2002, to raise money for charity. Who was his opponent?
Who won?
In which video game did he appear as a comedian in a comedy club?
In which long-running US comedy series did Gervais make a guest appearance, as well as writing the episode?
Which awards ceremony did Gervais host in January 2010?
Gervais' breakthrough cinema role was as director Dr. McPhee in which movie?
In the movie Ghost Town Gervais plays a man who can see and talk to ghosts. What is his character's occupation?
In which movie did Gervais play the only man in the world capable of telling untruths?
On which long-running sketch show did Gervais appear with his Office US counterpart Steve Carell?
In one of his few dramatic roles, Gervais guested as a terrorist bomb-maker. In which series?

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