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Can you name the video games by the overly negative descriptions given below?

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European immigrant commits various acts of violence, larceny and aggression against other immigrants as well as US nationals in order to facilitate his own ends.Sandbox
Allied nationals facilitate guerrilla war against emerging Communist superpower.First-person Shooter
Corporate CEO organises illegal bare-knuckle fighting tournament, is killed by his own son and dropped into a volcano.Combat
Italian tradesman terrorises endangered species, resisting all efforts by the animal to defend its territory.Platform
Eccentric occultist absconds with royal female, only to be subjected to acts of violence, trespassing and vandalism by an armed young ruffian dressed in green.RPG
Teenage tearaway traps animals, trains them to fight in brutal battles and forces them to mutate before trading them like marbles.RPG
Two global powers cultivate and harvest a natural resource into scarcity in order to fund continued conflict with massive loss of life.Strategy
Two Italian brothers, their friends and their enemies compete in auto racing where the use of weapons to destroy or harm other competitors is actively encouraged.Racing
Rank amateur musicians encouraged to join major bands in performances of established songs.Rhythm
Masked vigilante invades mental health facility and engages in fisticuffs with the patients.Third-person Action-adventure
Cab driver encouraged to drive recklessly with little regard for public or passenger safety in order to earn more money.Driving
An American male and French female undertake an illegal investigation into an ancient cult, contravening international archaeology laws and visa terms throughout.Point-and-Click
A man is asked to recall a previous life in which he committed murder for the sake of a warped code of honour.Third-person Action-adventure
A primate is trapped inside a spherical cage and forced to traverse confusing and treacherous terrain for the amusement of the player.Puzzle
Humans attempt genocide of new humanoid insect race.Third-person Shooter
Spiny rodent trapped inside pinball machine.Pinball/platform
Trigger-happy police unit destroys scientific project after infiltrating mansion-based laboratory and disturbing the test subjects.Survival Horror
Humans transported to alien world engage in hand-to-hand combat with indigenous peoples and are encouraged to end battles with fatal acts of aggression.Combat
Spherical man takes vast amounts of pills and chases spirits of the deceased around a labyrinth.Maze
Invertebrates are pitted against each other, using lethal weaponry in order to kill and maim.Strategy
Illegal racers are encouraged to damage or destroy traffic, and in some cases cause massive multi-car pileups which cause millions of dollars worth of damage.Racing
Dissident raises an army of 108 fighters in an effort to overthrow the monarchy. RPG
Soldier steals the identity of a high-ranking army operative, builds a small army and destroys an energy corporation.RPG
A general defies his emperor and trains an apprentice, later commanding the apprentice to sow the seeds of rebellion against the Emperor.Third-person Action-adventure
Cycle courier becomes imbued with super powers and struggles to resist using said powers for evil purposes.Sandbox
An illegal series of motorcycle races in which violence and attempted murder (with clubs and chains), as well as willful destruction of property, are encouraged.Racing
A warrior tracks and kills ancient beings for the sake of resurrecting a woman.Third-person Action-adventure
The bored daughter of an aristocrat travels the world, stealing artifacts from archaeologically significant sites.Third-person Action-adventure
Armed with a pistol-like weapon, the player is encouraged to shoot and kill aquatic birds for sport.Light Gun Shooter
Players are subjected to a series of gruelling physical challenges whilst being constantly reminded of how fat or heavy they are.Fitness/User-interactive

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