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The number of Days it took Kate Hudson to Lose a Guy plus the number of Tom Hanks' doomed space mission.
The number of Kings George Clooney led in a desert gold heist multiplied by the movie that saw Samuel L. Jackson take on a Latino gang.
Ed Norton movie about a convict's last night of freedom minus the number of immortals there can only be in Highlander
The number of Monkeys Bruce Willis has to stop from spreading a deadly virus multiplied by the number of days you have to live after watching Ring's cursed video.
The age of Steve Carell's Virgin minus the title of a Daniel Day-Lewis movie about an Italian film director
The number of corpses in Rob Zombie's House divided by the number of Crazy Nights Adam Sandler had to endure
The number of States in a Samuel L. Jackson movie set in Liverpool, England plus the number of Amigos in a Steve Martin classic comedy.
The number of Days of the Condor multiplied by the Day on which Arnold Scnwarzenegger learned he was a clone.
The number of Days of Summer in Joseph Gordon-Levitt's comedy divided by a classic comedy starring Dudley Moore and Bo Derek.
The time in Seconds it took Nick Cage to steal a car minus the number of Brides there were for the same amount of Brothers.
The number of Harry Potter movies that have been released (as of Feb 4th 2010) multiplied by the number of Star Trek movies that have been released (as of the same date).
The address on Pennsylvania Avenue where Wesley Snipes investigates a Murder plus the Ladder truck number Joaquin Phoenix was assigned to.
The Street on which a Christmas Miracle happened divided by the number of Days Charlize Theron spent in the Valley.
The number of movies nominated for Best Picture at this year's Oscars multiplied by the number of Weeks Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke had an affair.
The number of 'Ds of Dodgeball' plus the weight of a mortal soul according to a Sean Penn movie.
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